hello, good people ~

2,500 years ago the philosopher heraclitus said, "nothing endures but change".  i am living proof of that.  and i’m here to tell you every bit of it has been good.  every bit of it is ALWAYS good.

so many of you have been wondering "what’s going on with the renemarie.com website?"  the web pages are outdated, photos are old, you’ve sent emails that have gone unanswered or worse, returned.  maybe some of you even gave up on me.

and now, you can’t get into the website.  not to worry, though.  the reason you can’t get in is because we’re in the process of revamping the entire website.  but i wanted to write you this brief newsletter to read while you await the new format for renemarie.com.

let me just tell you two main things that are happening now:


my group and i went into the studio in november of last year and recorded 20+ songs, half of them originals.  we hope to release a CD of about 10 -12 tunes by the end of march.  one song we recorded – that many of you have already heard –  is entitled "this is (not) a protest song".  most of you don’t know this, but homelessness is an issue that affected my life as a 9-year old girl and the lives of several family members even as i write this.  i decided to release this song as a single prior to the release of the CD itself.  i’m doing this so i can donate 100% of the proceeds of this single to local agencies dedicated to assisting the homeless.  this song will be used as a vehicle to raise awareness of homelessness, and to raise money for agencies assisting the homeless, not just here in denver where i live, but throughout the nation.  the CD has already been completely paid for without having to deduct any production or mailing costs from it’s $5 price. very soon, you’ll be able to download this song (as well as other material) from my website.  again, 100% of the proceeds of "this is (not) a protest song" will be donated to organizations assisting the homeless. if you are connected with people or organizations who can help promote this song so as to 1) raise awareness of homelessness and 2) raise money for agencies assisting the homeless in your area, contact me through the following email address: [email protected]


 i am embarking on a new journey of developing a one-woman show.  i’ve had the idea for 2-3 years, but was never able to spend big chunks of time developing it because of being on the road so much.  and all this time, i’ve been writing, writing, writing.  now, all my writing is done – the spoken word, the songs, and most of the monologue.  all that’s left is to edit it and put it together.  where would i find time to do that, you ask? well,  there was only one way to create the chunk of time i needed and that was to come off the road.  that’s right: stop touring, stop traveling, stop moving around so much.  just stay in one place and git’er done.  so here i sit.  and i’m almost finished….with the first part.  the name of this piece is entitled "slut energy experiment".  sorry, i can’t divulge more than that.  but i wanted you to know that i haven’t fallen off the face of the earth or into a hidey-hole somewhere.

so yeah,  i’m off the road for now, but i ain’t off the map.  just doing local gigs here at home in denver, colorado while i work on these two projects mentioned above that are so near and dear to my heart.

i wish for all of you a surplus of imagination for, as albert einstein said, "imagination is more important than knowledge."

more later,

rene marie