SLAM! Sing Like A Motherf*cker!

what it is:

SLAM! is an online vocal therapy workshop conducted in PERSONALIZED ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS designed to tackle the most troubling issues you may have about your singing. The goal of SLAM! is to reconnect you with your voice and learn how to listen to what your voice is telling you, listen to where it wants to go and what it wants to do. And then finding the courage to do it. Together we will open some doors, let the fresh air in and shine some light on the negative messages you may have received about your voice in the past – and the ones you continue to give yourself today. As we work through this process, you can use your fears and so-called flaws to sing like a motherf*cker!

how it works:

  • Decide the number of sessions you want. Each 1-hour session will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time and conducted via telephone or skype.
  • Select a topic
  • Schedule your sessions.
    Once you’ve paid for the sessions, I’ll call you and, depending on availability, we can schedule all the sessions within one week, or stretch them out over several weeks. It’s up to you…

what you’ll do:

  • Send me an mp3, cd or video of you singing at least one song with no accompaniment.
  • Send me an mp3, cd or video of you singing at least one song with accompaniment
  • Send a complete list of songs in your repertoire

what i’ll do:

  • Give you a free 15-minute preliminary session to determine your most pressing needs
  • Send you a Q&A. Before we start our first session, you’ll fill out a Q&A to help me understand the history of your voice and your relationship with it. Based on your answers, we’ll develop strategies and I’ll give you some tools to work on the issues that prevent you from singing in your authentic voice.

what i won’t do:

  • I will not critique your voice or attempt to teach you “how to sing”. I believe we are born already knowing how to do that. I will not resort to technical talk during our sessions, except as it relates to the basics – breathing, hydration, preparation, etc.

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