You won’t find any cosmetics injected into our music to hide its truth, to conceal what some may consider flaws. Sonically, we seek what we believe our truths to be as individual musicians, wherever we are in the moment of our process – and as a group at the time of a recording or live engagement.

We aspire to keeping the ‘truth’ of our sound – its honesty and openness – without over-processing it to the point that we would not recognize ourselves anymore. The process of surrendering to the emotion of a song, being vulnerable enough to get to that place, is much like falling in love; it sometimes involves stumbles and fumbles, tender surprises and eye-blinking amazement. An unplanned note here, a percussive revelation there, a surprising phrase or lyric, a missed chance and then…an open door to discovery. 

The paramount thing is: Do not disrupt the process. Trust. The emotion, the feeling, the truth of the story is what we want to experiment with. I absolutely do not want any transactionally oriented sound influencing the music we make. What could be thought of as mistakes or blemishes become beauty marks and originality – truthful, vulnerable, intimate parts of the whole. Each satisfying musical episode complete and able to stand on its own.