here i am – on the road again
there i am – up on the stage
here i go – singing these songs again
where i go – turn the page

bob seger

Photo credit: MaryLynn Gillaspie

hey, y’all…it’s been crazy ever since i got back from israel! i’m packing boxes in preparation for a move, packing suitcases in preparation for the tour, trying to get the final touches done for the next CD coming out, trying to keep my sanity and remember to breathe!

ain’t nothin’ but a mess ‘round here…!

but i carved out just a little time to keep you abreast of my touring schedule for the next 6 weeks. notice that my last concert listed here is in chicago at the mayne stage. but that ain’t our last gig for the tour! oh, no-no-no. from chicago we head out of the country to several cities in spain and the edinburgh jazz festival in scotland. you can go to the itinerary page for those details.

on top of that, with this tour we get to break in a new bass player – none other than the inestimable kevin hamilton (referred to affectionately as slam) from charleston, south carolina. it’s been a while since i broke in a new musician for our group and i can’t WAIT to get my hands on him – or, rather, my music in him…well, you know what i mean! unh-unh-unh. somebody gonna be hollerin’ up on that stage and it ain’t gonna be me!

oh – one more thing!

(drum roll, please quentin…)

i’m happy to announce the winners of the “voice of my beautiful country” contest

please go to to see the winning submissions

grand prize:

maggie council – musical composition


steve ingemansen – painting
gail hollander – sculpture

honorable mentions:

kelle jolly – musical composition
linda mizell – photo

a sincere thanks to all of you who participated and, yes, even those of you who thought about submitting something. next time, perhaps?

oops! gotta run – the train’s leaving me…!

p.s. good news!

according to writer/blogger patrick jarenwattananon on “a blog supreme,” voice of my beautiful country has been listed in his “best of jazz” for 2011. check it out!