“It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you.” – Eartha Kitt

The feeling of releasing a new CD is a lot like falling in love – I’m scared and don’t know what to expect; I’m nervous and giddy with anticipation and I’m excited and eager for you to love me!

So I am quite pleased to tell you that my new CD “I Wanna Be Evil (With Love to Eartha Kitt)” is now available in Europe!

Europe fans – click here to download the album on iTunes!

USA fans – if you simply can’t wait and need the thrill of it all right now, darlings, you can go to iTunes to pre-order and you’ll get the title track, “I Wanna Be Evil” instantly!

See how generous I can be?

And just to get your blood flowing, I’ve included a brand new video teaser of C’est Si Bon

Click here to learn more about Miss Eartha →

Come catch me at one of the cities below during our European tour…

October 26 & 27    Cork, Ireland    Cork Jazz Festival
Rene Marie Quartet

October 31    Lleida, Spain    Lleida Jazz Festival
Rene Marie Quartet

November 1    Villarreal, Spain    Avui JazzCicle
Rene Marie Quartet

November 2    Barcelona, Spain    Jamboree Jazz Club
Rene Marie Quartet

November 3    Neuberg, Germany    Birdland
Anke Helfrich Trio and Special Guest Grace Kelly

November 8    Gottingen, Germany    Deutsches Theatre
Lynne Arriale Trio and Special Guest Grace Kelly

November 9    Burghausen, Germany    JazzKeller
Lynne Arriale Trio and Special Guest Grace Kelly

November 12    Paris    Duc Des Lombards
with Franck Amsallem Trio

November 14, 15, 16    London    Pizza Express
Rene Marie Quartet

Won’t you please join us at one (or more) of these venues?

Come on…make me happy and say ‘yes’!

If you just can’t make it you can always find me on Facebook and Twitter – I’d love to hear from you!

rene marie